In attendance: Kevin, Jake (“presiding” over the meeting), Katie, Lea, Chrissy

@MIT: Gabi

Absent: Eesh, Nathan, Laura

  • JF - Open House Update
    1. Changes/Update on MIT end
      1. Sunday night: Toscanini's and CBC, make sure we make it clear that we are tax exempt! Would be useful for us to know how many people are coming -- list of names of prospective students who arrive before Sunday night AND current JP students who are attending.
      2. There was a housing presentation, but now we are replacing it with a JP specific one instead of the MIT general one
      3. Fun presentation about research/activities
    2. Update on WHOI Plans
      1. Grumpy’s on Monday night, a few people will be coming on the bus down, and a few others meeting them at Grumpy’s
      2. Tuesday night: party, where is the money coming from? APO won’t pay for alcohol, but snacks are okay. Jake will try to get a headcount of how many people are coming to the party. BYOB and reps will supplement with extra beverages. Jake will send an email asking for a few dollars from the reps to cover costs.
      3. Rides are all set, but we need to make multiple announcements to tell people where to go
  • EB, CH - Retreat
    1. Retreat went very well, had 27 participants signed up, 24 total came
      1. Spent $900 of social fund, ODGE, and GSC funding, plus $20 per person
    2. Sent out a feedback form (this has not been done in a few years it seems); can send out results once they are filtered in. As of the moment it seems like most people were really happy with the retreat but maybe not necessarily the location (too far, especially from WHOI -- 5 hour drive through Boston)
    3. Chrissy and Eesh will be updating the Google Drive on how to plan / organize with actual numbers for food and sleeping, not handwaving
      1. Itemized budget, exactly what food got bought and what didn’t get eaten
      2. Hard to plan a good suggested packing list, especially for outdoor activities (last year there was ice, this year there was snow).
      3. Would there be more upperclass participation if it was closer? Send a poll beforehand…? Jake is cynical about polls
      4. Point from Lea: what is the purpose of the trip? Is it to get away, is it to have fun? Get people from both campuses together, bonding, would still be good as long as it is off campus. Get a fancy house on the cape or the Vineyard because it is the off season??
  • EB - JP swag?
    1. I know last year we got shirts, any chance we can organize getting flannels this year?
    2. Meghan Jones did it last year, she probably has past designs, let’s ask her about it -- Eesh, you are approved to go ask Meghan about it, but you are in charge!
  • EB - JP office @ MIT, Walker Memorial
    1. I totally forgot about this and will get into it this week. Chrissy will remind Eesh to do it.
  • LF - Are there any Steinbach Scholar updates?
    1. Nathan, send Lea an update.
    2. Katie will let us know when she has dates
  • LF - Student Reps are invited to the MIT-WHOI Joint Program House breakfast on March 7 at 9AM Clark 507. Hope you can make it! Thanks Lea!
  • KS - Winter Meeting 2/23 at 5:30
    1. Table/chair arrangement
      1. Lea knows how they have done it in the past. Try to keep people together. Expecting 60ish. We might need to move some tables or chairs, Chrissy liked the big square setup.
    2. Set-up: Ice in Clark kitchen, set out food/drinks at 4:30
      1. Materials are in the back corner of the student center
      2. There is food to set up
      3. There will be disposable table cloths. APO has the key to the Clark kitchen if it is locked
    3. Clean-up: Do we just leave tables, trash and recycling in the room?
      1. Move food to the student center and send a note out that it is leftover
      2. Chrissy suggests that people bring a tupperware to take leftovers home
    4. Meeting: quick introduction of the reps/our department and position as rep
      1. Who is running it? Nathan was going to, but he is sick, so not sure if he is doing it. Katie will check with Nathan
      2. Moderator’s main role is to keep time under control
      3. Chrissy will take notes and Jake can also help if Nathan is sick
  • CH - Funding
    1. Kris put in an application to get Chrissy a procurement card
    2. Money is moving up to MIT, and it will be a lot easier to keep track of what is going on! Thanks, Kris!
    3. Merging ODGE and social funding together so we will have one general account up there
    4. Student call for proposals will go out soon, for new events.
      1. Submitting receipts to Kris is really easy, no RFP required.
  • Social hour
    1. Restart in March, there is a lot going on
    2. Plenty of beer left for the next one.